Urban Roots 2019 Community Lunch

We're honored to be a part of Urban Roots upcoming Community Lunch. Urban Roots works to empower teens and young adults through farm-based youth leadership programs and paid internships.

Join us at the farm Saturday, November 23rd, for a special meal prepared by Chef Rick Lopez + the team from Urban Roots.


Drink sustainably, amigos.

In order to maximize sugar and meet rising demands, farmers harvest the Blue Agave plants before a flower can bloom, damaging both the population of Lesser Long-Nosed Bats that pollinate the agave flowers and harming the genetic health of the Blue Agave itself.

Bat-Friendly Tequila preserves two species with one practice: asking tequila farmers to allow at least 5% of their agave plants to flower. The agave blooms provide food for the bats, who then strengthen the diversity of the Blue Agave gene through pollination.

Keep tequila sustainable by looking for the bat-friendly label and help us ensure a future full of your favorite Margarita La Clásica.